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Wired and Wise

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What is Wired and Wise All about?

We aim to support young people, schools, community groups and businesses to navigate the complex and sometimes messy online world.

We realise many people are struggling with digital realities:

“What do my kids do on line all day?”

“What social network sites should I be aware of and which should I avoid?”

“What is digital citizenship?”

We hope to be able to assist people in addressing these challenges.

A little more detail…

E-learning, blended or hybrid learning, problem-based learning, STEM and MLE’s: Education is providing exciting initiatives, innovations and pedagogies. These are bringing a new level of engagement and learning opportunities for our teens and children. However, with these  opportunities in education come the challenges posed by an every expanding digital society.

Wired and Wise has been developed specifically to address those 21st century challenges.

State schools are tasked with providing students a setting that allows them to learn the five key competencies. It also requires that BOTs uphold NAG 5a, which requires them to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students. There have already been numerous examples of digital activities taking place outside of schools that have spilled over into school life. The on-line landscape offers incredible learning opportunities but can pose significant risk. This risk needs to be managed through application of appropriate wisdom. These issues have been central to the post-graduate studies of one of Wired and Wise principals.

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